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What´s A Mind Mapping Software?

Mind mapping software is a brainstorming tool that provides you access to build a visual thinking diagram. Using this tool, you can perfectly make a mind map in which the relationship between a main concept and its sub-concepts is represented in different levels of thought. 

There are several types of mind mapping, from uncomplicated brainstorming apps to elaborate data visualization or diagramming tools. Mind mapping tools could be appropriate in the following cases:

  • Brainstorming. Design a mind map, representing the main idea and the sub-ideas clear and concise.
  • Diagramming. Design project timelines such as AOA (Activity On Arrow), AON (Activity On Node) or PERT Chart (An early AON Diagram).
  • Software development and web design. Design wireframes and site maps diagrams.
  • Business Intelligence. Observation of live data from business apps in diagrams, charts, etc.

Why Use Mind Map Software?

Mind maps are amazing tools for creating, representing and communicating ideas. The result is the generation of new ideas based on the main concept. Mind maps act as the human brain, because they start from a main idea and expand outwards through sub-concepts.

Using software for creating mind mapping have the following leverages:

  1. No size limitation. Don´t worry about the space problem as you had with the traditional methods such as write in a paper. You can write everything you want.
  1. Flexibility. If want to delete or change an idea, you can do it easily with only one click. Moreover, you can add new information or change the format in order to create a clear hierarchy of the contents.
  1. Co-creation. In a software you have the option to collaborate with other users in order to design together the mind map.
  1. Attractive visual representation. Softwares allow you breathtaking designs, you have several options, also in the font of the letter, colours and images. Thanks to softwares you can create huge impressive and professional mind map in terms of presentation, so you can reach easily the attention of your project team, for example.

Top Mapping Software

Mind Meister

MindMeister is a cloud-based mind mapping tool that provides you the option to expand, represent and build an hierarchy of themes. This tool could be used by an unique individual or a teamwork, is ready to share and exchange information online with all its participants.

The use of this tool is not complicated, you can include images, videos, links easily and quickly. Moreover, there are several characteristic of the program created in order to improve the collaboration between the member of the teamwork such as comments or chat in real time. It’s also simple become your map into a presentation, clicking the option of auto-create or dragging presentation features. You can make your maps private or public to the universe of the tool.

Price: From $4.99/user/month. In addition. there is a free plan, but you can only have access to three free maps. 


Ayoa is a cloud-based mind mapping tool that provides you the high level of creativity characterized by the mind maps with an amazing visible task management and collaboration. Ayoa could be used by individuals or teamworks.

Ayoa stands out with its all-in-one-platform. In this platform users can build mind maps, observe projects and collaborate with them coworkers via Online. The reason why of Ayoa is inspire creativity and boost the generation of breathtaking ideas.

The designs offered in this software are based on the traditional methods (hand drawn mind map) to create mind maps, one example is the inclusion of curved branches. 

You can share your mind maps with others through a link, only if they have an account. Ayoa integrates Dropbox, Google Drive and Google Contacts. 

Price: From $9/user/month. There are discounts for teams, a limited  free version, and free webinars and demos.


Milanote is a easy concept map maker to create a clear hierarchy of your concepts into a visual board. It stands out for offering the option to include rich media (images, videos, link) in your designs. Moreover, there isn’t limitation in the levels of the hierarchy, you can add whatever you want.

In this software you also can collaborate with your teamwork. They have access to modify, add or change the contents of the mind map in real time.

Price: From $9.99/month per person. There is a free version, but you can only add 100 notes, images or links.


Miro is a visual collaboration platform with an excellent offer of mind mapping canvas, widgets, layouts, customer journey maps, wireframing, etc. You can collaborate with your coworkers without problems via Online.

It software integrates Dropbox, Google Suite, OneDrive, etc.

Price: From $8/user/month and has a freemium version

Microsoft visio

Visio is a visual diagramming tool used for creating mind maps and other graphical presentations. It is the best option if you used Office 365, because you can import all your data from this tool to visio and visualize it in real time with its graphs. This option make your illustration of your ideas easier.

Visio is not a simple app to create mind maps. It provides you prepared templates to build diagrams, timelines, engineering designs and more. Users can make public and share them creations. Moreover, Visio allows you to work at the same time with your teamwork in your mind map.

Visio is one of the strongest tool to create mind maps. For this reason, it could be more complicated to understand its use. Maybe, it is not the best option if you want to create a simple mind map.

Price: From $6.40/user/month. A one-time license costs from $459.

Mind Mapping Selection Criteria

The purpose of the selection is choose one tools that provides you an amazing offer to represent your ideas visually.

You also have to take into account the following cases:

  1. Real time collaboration 
  2. Ease level of file attachments
  3. Presentation and sharing tools
  4. Integrations

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