The main goal of EUDMA is to create a community of experts and an international network of marketing agencies in order to boost international cooperation and carry out projects in Europe and in collaboration with up to 30 different sectors. These are our main purposes:

  1. To become a meeting point for all experts and professionals in marketing sector: companies, freelancers, students, teachers...
  2. To boost and spread marketing knowledge, placing the importance of its role in our society.
  3. To offer high-quality training courses and workshops for professionals.
  4. To organize conferences, events, meetings, seminars, both national and international fair trades, etc, all related to marketing sector.
  5. To do research in marketing field in order to help towards the success of your business.
  6. To contribute to the development and to the implementation of guidelines and behavior codes for professionals in marketing.
  7. To make reports on marketing sector.
  8. To cooperate with other associations which aim at the same purposes.

 In other to achieve and carry out our goals, we keep on organizing activities and events, and develop initiatives such as:

  1. We organize meetings, events, conferences, plus our annual award ceremony.
  2. We give training courses and workshops in marketing sector.
  3. We create this platform as a meeting point for experts and students in marketing sector.
  4. We carry out R&D programs and we write high-quality reports.
  5. We issue certifications to verify the qualified job of our professionals.
  6. We help companies to grow internationally.
  7. We self-regulate marketing professional services and we create seals of certification.

 Basically, EUDMA works with a platform which is the meeting point for our members and it is also a place where finding essential services as follows:

  • A members´ list.
  • The activities in which they participate.
  • A list of resources and services that members can get access to.
  • Personal area for each member.
  • Contact services and mailing among members.
  • Documents and files of share management among the members of EUDMA.
  • Interesting resources and links.
  • Access to courses, documents and tools.
  • Security access only for registered members.
  • Intuitive and easy access to all our services.
  • Tutorials, glossary of terms and calendars of events.
  • Members´restricted area and personal agenda.
  • Access to forums.
  • Access to graphics and explanatory notes.
  • Online store.
  • Possibility of sharing in social networks.
  • Available in different languages.
  • Suitable for IOS and Android.


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