EUDMA organizes «Steps towards a Digital Marketing Plan» training by Eduardo Martínez

EUDMA association aims at making easier to access to the best marketing tools and the last trends in online marketing for all its members. For this reason, we organize courses and trainings so that our members can learn from the best professionals.

Eduardo Martínez Sánchez, CEO of Xternaliza Marketing Online Agency and editor-in-chief of Marketing4food magazine, is in charge of giving the next training «Steps towards a Digital Marketing Plan». This training will allow EUDMA members to know the utter process of laying out and developing an online marketing planning.
It targets those who want to learn from the last trends in marketing sector. The teacher, Eduardo, will reveal the essential secrets and tools in order to success in online sector.

Furthermore, it uses a student-oriented methodology so that everyone can learn easily and enjoy the training. During the training, the teaching staff will guide trainees through all process of a digital marketing planning so as to achieve the final goals.

This project brings to light the importance of being up-to-date, and EUDMA wants the same for its members. With initiatives like this, we present a profitable option and suitable for everyone, because digital sector has no secrets for anyone.

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