CEO’s Letter

CEO's Letter


My name is Eduardo Martínez and I am the CEO of EUDMA.


I warmly welcome you to our association. EUDMA was born thanks to our effort for making a common place where professionals in marketing sector can find and share knowledge, training courses and events.


Our purpose is to boost online marketing knowledge, an essential tool for any company or professional that wish to see how their business improves and develops in an increasingly competitive, changeable and difficult market.


For this reason, EUDMA offers high-quality training courses that allow to get to know all the tools that online marketing provides. We offer trainings for both experts and beginners. 100% success guaranteed.


We present our PLATFORM to our members as a meeting point where discussing, making inquiries, solving problems, spreading knowledge and keeping in touch is possible. In addition, up-to-date tools, files, graphics and calendars of events can be found in our platform among other further services.


We carry out R&D programs and we write high-quality reports so they help companies and businesses to reach more and better opportunities. All related to online marketing.


If you want to join our association, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will kindly answer all your questions and we will keep your ideas and inquiries as our foremost priority.

Start now enjoying all the advantages and services that we offer you!


 Best regards,

Eduardo Martínez Sánchez



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