The European Digital Marketing Association also called EUDMA, is an online platform that provides access to the best marketing training courses and digital marketing tools. It stands out in the spanish business market

In its courses you can find useful, strategic, appropriate and updated information specialized in the marketing area. Thus, join this association provide you business leverages to improve your knowledge about marketing, improve your positioning in the digital area and know the new marketing tools and the way to use it in the actual market in order to achieve breathtaking results.

Its mission is to build a huge community of experts and a network of marketing agencies in the international area in order to create a strong relationship and cooperate together to create and develop projects in Europe with the collaboration of 30 distinctive sectors. Its values are innovation, internalization, unity and trust.

This association would like to become in the benchmark for its partners when they are looking for answers to solve problems, access to the best training courses to improve its business position or increase its brand awareness through the digital marketing tools. 

Its reason why is improving the background of the business because they are the essence of the actual economic situation.

You will obtain an official certification signed by the association in order to verify your participation and learning the new methods in the current field of digital marketing, just for 47€


This digital marketing agency stands out in the united states of america business market and also on an international level. 

Its offered services are the following: Digital Transformation, Branding, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing. Nowadays, these services are needed for standing out in the current market, the digital area is increasing day by day.

It is a search engine optimization (SEO) agency that also offers services for web design and development. The main labour is to work on the all types of projects that have a link with the areas of design, development and marketing. The minimum project price in this agency to accept it is $1,000. It has a huge team composed by 200 people who are available to help and work on your next project with a big smile and team spirit.

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This digital marketing agency also stands out in the business market of United States of America. 

Its offered services are the following: Digital Marketing, Ecommerce Store Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing. 

Dream Theory is one of the finest digital marketing agencies and focuses on the digital field. You can choose this agency for its creative services, digital marketing services or website design in order to create an attractive strategy that catch the consumer attention. The main target of this agency are healthcare clients. Most of its clients focus on SEO and social media marketing, two issues very important in the current business world. Hire this agency to optimize your SEO strategies  is a really good idea. 

The minimum price to accept a project is $1,000

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The Bigger Boat

The Bigger Boat is a digital marketing agency that stands out in the british business market.

The services offered by this agency are the following: Design, Development, Performance marketing, Social media marketing, Email marketing & Search engine optimization.

This agency focuses on marketing, development, design and performance optimization, it only works through digital tools and business. If you need to create a new product for your next business or market and right now you don’t have ideas, contact with them, the Bigger Boat do it for you. It is known because it has worked with several brands that improve its position in the market thanks to its services.

The Bigger Boat is characterized by its efficiency, speed and experienced workforce.

The minimum price to accept a project for this agency is $1,000

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Creative Sponge

This digital marketing agency stands out in the british business market. 

Creative Sponge offers the following services: Branding, Design & Development, PPC, Social media marketing, Email marketing, SEO

This digital agency is the guru behind most of the successful British digital campaigns. This agency has worked with some of the most famous and best brand in the world such as Ear Natural or UEA.

Creative Sponge is the winner of IOO design awards 2017, for its breathtaking designs and remarkable project inputs. If you want to create things that matter to the public, contact and work with Creative Sponge because is the best option for you. 

The minimum price to accept a project for this agency is $1,000

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Web Windows Marketing Limited

It is one of the digital marketing agencies most famous and known in the Australian business market

The services offered by this agency are the following: Display, Social Media, Email Marketing, SEO Services, and much more. All its activities are based on digital marketing. 

Web Windows Marketing has an incredible teamwork with huge expertise and experience in the field of marketing composed by marketing strategists and performance marketers to provide you a better position in your marketing game.

The client for this company could be small or mid-level companies. First, it provides an orientation, before offers a six month strategic process for the companies in order to reach long-term strategic goals.

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It stands out in the business market of Canada.

The services offered by this agency are the following: Search Engine Optimization, Pay per click, Client Relations, Content Strategy

SEO Brand is a global data-driven growth agency that aims to bring 10x return on investment (RoI) for its clients. SEO Brand focuses on small and medium brands that are looking for a long-term contract.

It has an amazing knowledge about how create conversion boosters for its clients. It works with national and international clients. 

The minimum price to accept a project is $1,000

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The European Digital Marketing Association also called EUDMA, is an online platform that provides access to the best marketing training courses and digital marketing tools. 

In our offered courses you can find useful, strategic, appropriate and updated information specialized in the marketing area. Thus, join our association provide you business leverages to improve your knowledge about marketing, improve your positioning in the digital area and know the new marketing tools and the way to use it in the actual market in order to achieve breathtaking results.


Our mission in EUDMA is to build a huge community of experts and a network of marketing agencies in the international area in order to create a strong relationship and cooperate together to create and develop projects in Europe with the collaboration of 30 distinctive sectors. 

We would like to become in the benchmark for our partners when they are looking for answers to solve problems, access to the best training courses to improve its business position or increase its brand awareness through the digital marketing tools. 

Our reason why is improving the background of the business because they are the essence of the actual economic situation. With our work we want to  create better prepared companies that boost the economy and as a result create a better world.

We would like our members to discover valuable and appropriate digital marketing tools in our platform. Our members with our help will stand out in the digital market because we provide the information needed to plan, develop and implement the best strategies in the market based on the target and the characteristic depends on the company or brand. 

Feeling part of a community is our main mission. We work hard to make you feel welcome to be a part of us.
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Innovation. We research continually the launch of new tools in the marketing field. We take it into account in order to reach the most updated and valuable information for providing to our members and improve its position in the market.

As soon as you have an innovation department, you're buggered
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Internalization. We work hard in order to be inclusive in the european continent, we want to make any company feel welcome regardless its location. We want to work with diverse companies based on different countries of Europe to create projects within our continent.

What is Globalization? Examples, Definition, Benefits and Effects
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Unity. We want to create a community because if we work together, we will have more possibilities to win in the business game. Together we have stronger power.

How businesses can help create team unity | Entrepreneur & Business Website  | Talk Business | Small, Medium Business Advice, Tips | SME | Success
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Trust. All our advices are based on the characteristics and the situation of each company, we make it in the best possible manner without forget your essence. Thus, trust is necessary in the process to become in a real benchmark.

Trust: a true measure of integrity - The Saskatchewan Edge
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Build a community composed by experts and and international network marketing agencies is our principal goal. We want to create a collaborative atmosphere between our members in order to develop projects together in the European continent with the inclusion of 30 diverse sectors.

Our fundamental purposes are the following:

  1. Become in a benchmark for experts and professional of the marketing area such as students, companies, brands, etc.
  1. Expand the marketing knowledge, standing out it huge role in the society.
  1. Offer training courses characterized by its high quality. 
  1. Plan marketing events such as conferences in the national and international area.
  1. Research in marketing field in order to know what your company needs and provide you a solution or a strategy to reach success 
  1. Contribute in the growth and implementation of conduct´s codes for marketing professionals.
  1. Elaborate reports about the marketing sector such as the market trends, the exponential growth of E-commerce and M-commerce or the innovation in marketing field.
  1. Cooperate with association who have the same purposes, values and mission.

In order to accomplish our commitment we organize several events such as conference and develop initiatives such as:

  • Organization of meetings, conferences, events and our annual award ceremony.
  • Conduction of R&D programs and creation of high quality reports.
  • Verification of the job of our professional through our certifications. 
  • Assistance to boost companies internationally.
  • Regulation of professional marketing services and creation of certification seals.
Digital Marketing
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Our platform provides several services in order to satisfy our current members and attract new ones through the word of mouth. We improve all our services and at the same time add new ones because we believe in the innovation, as we mentioned in our values. The most noteworthy services are:

  • List of all members of the associations.
  • Explanation of its activities.
  • Presentation of the different resources and services available to the members.
  • Personal area for each member.
  • Contact services and mailing among members.
  • Accessibility to documents and files made by the members of EUDMA.
  • Valuable resources and links.
  • Accessibility to training courses, documents and marketing tools
  • Authentication and session management for registered members.
  • Easy-to-use design to know how enter to the different services.
  • Accessibility to tutorials, glossary of terms and event calendar. 
  • Accessibility to forums, graphics and explanation of use.
  • Online store.
  • Suitable for IOS and Android.
  • Accessible in several languages.
  • Member´s prohibited area and personal agenda.
  • Possibility of sharing in social networks.
  • System information leakage.

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What´s A Mind Mapping Software?

Mind mapping software is a brainstorming tool that provides you access to build a visual thinking diagram. Using this tool, you can perfectly make a mind map in which the relationship between a main concept and its sub-concepts is represented in different levels of thought. 

There are several types of mind mapping, from uncomplicated brainstorming apps to elaborate data visualization or diagramming tools. Mind mapping tools could be appropriate in the following cases:

  • Brainstorming. Design a mind map, representing the main idea and the sub-ideas clear and concise.
  • Diagramming. Design project timelines such as AOA (Activity On Arrow), AON (Activity On Node) or PERT Chart (An early AON Diagram).
  • Software development and web design. Design wireframes and site maps diagrams.
  • Business Intelligence. Observation of live data from business apps in diagrams, charts, etc.

Why Use Mind Map Software?

Mind maps are amazing tools for creating, representing and communicating ideas. The result is the generation of new ideas based on the main concept. Mind maps act as the human brain, because they start from a main idea and expand outwards through sub-concepts.

Using software for creating mind mapping have the following leverages:

  1. No size limitation. Don´t worry about the space problem as you had with the traditional methods such as write in a paper. You can write everything you want.
  1. Flexibility. If want to delete or change an idea, you can do it easily with only one click. Moreover, you can add new information or change the format in order to create a clear hierarchy of the contents.
  1. Co-creation. In a software you have the option to collaborate with other users in order to design together the mind map.
  1. Attractive visual representation. Softwares allow you breathtaking designs, you have several options, also in the font of the letter, colours and images. Thanks to softwares you can create huge impressive and professional mind map in terms of presentation, so you can reach easily the attention of your project team, for example.

Top Mapping Software

Mind Meister

MindMeister is a cloud-based mind mapping tool that provides you the option to expand, represent and build an hierarchy of themes. This tool could be used by an unique individual or a teamwork, is ready to share and exchange information online with all its participants.

The use of this tool is not complicated, you can include images, videos, links easily and quickly. Moreover, there are several characteristic of the program created in order to improve the collaboration between the member of the teamwork such as comments or chat in real time. It’s also simple become your map into a presentation, clicking the option of auto-create or dragging presentation features. You can make your maps private or public to the universe of the tool.

Price: From $4.99/user/month. In addition. there is a free plan, but you can only have access to three free maps. 


Ayoa is a cloud-based mind mapping tool that provides you the high level of creativity characterized by the mind maps with an amazing visible task management and collaboration. Ayoa could be used by individuals or teamworks.

Ayoa stands out with its all-in-one-platform. In this platform users can build mind maps, observe projects and collaborate with them coworkers via Online. The reason why of Ayoa is inspire creativity and boost the generation of breathtaking ideas.

The designs offered in this software are based on the traditional methods (hand drawn mind map) to create mind maps, one example is the inclusion of curved branches. 

You can share your mind maps with others through a link, only if they have an account. Ayoa integrates Dropbox, Google Drive and Google Contacts. 

Price: From $9/user/month. There are discounts for teams, a limited  free version, and free webinars and demos.


Milanote is a easy concept map maker to create a clear hierarchy of your concepts into a visual board. It stands out for offering the option to include rich media (images, videos, link) in your designs. Moreover, there isn’t limitation in the levels of the hierarchy, you can add whatever you want.

In this software you also can collaborate with your teamwork. They have access to modify, add or change the contents of the mind map in real time.

Price: From $9.99/month per person. There is a free version, but you can only add 100 notes, images or links.


Miro is a visual collaboration platform with an excellent offer of mind mapping canvas, widgets, layouts, customer journey maps, wireframing, etc. You can collaborate with your coworkers without problems via Online.

It software integrates Dropbox, Google Suite, OneDrive, etc.

Price: From $8/user/month and has a freemium version

Microsoft visio

Visio is a visual diagramming tool used for creating mind maps and other graphical presentations. It is the best option if you used Office 365, because you can import all your data from this tool to visio and visualize it in real time with its graphs. This option make your illustration of your ideas easier.

Visio is not a simple app to create mind maps. It provides you prepared templates to build diagrams, timelines, engineering designs and more. Users can make public and share them creations. Moreover, Visio allows you to work at the same time with your teamwork in your mind map.

Visio is one of the strongest tool to create mind maps. For this reason, it could be more complicated to understand its use. Maybe, it is not the best option if you want to create a simple mind map.

Price: From $6.40/user/month. A one-time license costs from $459.

Mind Mapping Selection Criteria

The purpose of the selection is choose one tools that provides you an amazing offer to represent your ideas visually.

You also have to take into account the following cases:

  1. Real time collaboration 
  2. Ease level of file attachments
  3. Presentation and sharing tools
  4. Integrations

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A mind map is a graphical way to symbolize, express and represent ideas and concepts.

It is a visual tool in which starting from a main idea, you can organize, structure and expand your thinking, relating other concepts that have a certain relationship with the essence of the main idea. Therefore, we can get to create more valuable information or ideas through this representation, synthesizing and observing how our tree of thought grows larger and larger.

Mind Mapping Basics

To properly build a mind map you have to take into account the following points:

  1. Central idea. This is the principal purpose of your mind map.
  1. Relational lines or branches. You will use it to represent the link between the central idea and the sub-concepts.
  1. Keywords. You have to represent your thoughts in one word, not a sentence. It increases your creativity and clarity.
  1. Proximity. Be closer means be more connected.
  1. 7 associations. If you put a lot of association will be a chaos and will be problematic to understand the themes.
  1. Colours and images.  The use of both issues helps to memorize the map.

How Can You Create A Mind Mapping?

  1. Start with the principal concept.

First of all, you have to detect the principal purpose of your mind map and write it in the middle of the page. Due to mind maps begin from the inside and spread outside, your principal insight should be the core concept of the diagram.

Your core concept could be: a goal to achieve, the purpose to create an amazing campaign of advertising or a problem you want to solve. 

  1. Include subconcepts to the principal one and link it through lines. 

When you have detected the principal purpose, you have to include the most basic subconcepts and link them with the principal one through relational lines. This relational lines lend you a hand to arrange the information. Don´t worry about the high quantity of keywords or aspects that you add, it will be enough.

  1. Research contents in order to add more relations within the map. 

When you have recognized the sub-concepts within the principal concept, you have to include more shapes until you have all the valuable and necessary information in your hands. 

Keep in mind that you have to continue to arrange your information with the most essential and considerable issues closer to the principal concept and the most detailed aspects far away.

  1. Create an attractive presentation with colours and images.

Organize the information through the use of different colours for each level of thought within your diagram. Moreover, you can use images to link shapes instead of the traditional box shape in order to stand out the diverse parts of the mind map. 

Thanks to theses techniques, you can distinguish and remember more easily and productively the different levels of thought that you have created from your main idea.


The use of this tool provide several benefits to the person who done it. The most important benefit are the following:

  • It increases your creativity and productivity because you create ideas based on the relationship of the different concepts that you represent within the map. 
  • It avoids the linear thinking, you feel freer to write your ideas and generate new ones based on the keywords used. This tool allows you to mix random concepts but that are related to the essence of the map that is our main idea.
  • It gives a better organization of the ideas, starting from the main idea, expanding towards the sub-concepts. Thus, you know the importance of you know the importance of each of the ideas according to the level at which you have written them on the map.
  • It enhances your memory and retention through the use of colours and images. Relating different colors to different levels of concepts and using images increases your attention to the map and makes you remember it quickly.
  • It has a useful editing. You can create unlimited branches or levels in the structure thanks to its design. You can add new themes or information at any time later because you continue to have free space.
  • It makes tricky issues easier to comprehend. Due to observe the different themes and know how they have been related to the main concept, the map expresses a clearer idea of ​​how the new ideas were created.
  • It has high  flexibility, mind mapping can be used by people of different ages or business rank.
  • It has a wide adaptability because a mind map works equal to the human brain. 
  • It gets people focused because the layout of this tool is attractive an unusual because you can see all the keywords without them being written in a boring phrase.


Text limitation. You have to keep in mind that in a mind map you should use keywords or really short phrases in order to express clarity, purity and easy of understanding. If there is a lot of information expressed on the map, it can be more difficult to create a new idea.

Time consuming. If you want to create a breathtaking mind map with incredible colours and images in order to create a huge call to action accompanied with the most appropriate keywords, you consume enough time. 

Follow rules. When you decide to create a mind map with a software, you should know that you don’t have freedom to create your own style. The software has rules for example the layout or type of letter `predefined. You cannot create a mind map as freely as you could on a simple paper.


There are a lot of uses for the mind maps, the most common are the following:

  • Brainstorming
  • Strategic thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Project management
  • Communication strategy
  • Jogging your creativity
  • Note taking
  • Customer relationship management
  • Planning
  • Personal and business goals


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Join our organization and discover all our services such as training, characterized to become in business advantages. With the use of our service you can improve your positioning in the mapping of competitors and you can also stands out in the market. 

Our services have a high level of quality, so you will be able to improve your knowledge in the marketing field. Use them is a valuable opportunity to increase your benefits and business situation.

You will increase your list of contacts because you have full access to the list of members of the association and you can decide to share valuable information and obtain data from them. Moreover, you will be able to attend interesting conferences, events and meeting made by marketing experts, helping you make strategic decision.

You will have full accessibility to the most updated tools or information about digital marketing, you will know the latest trends of the market, the technological advances and the innovations in advertising campaigns. You will be one step ahead compared with the competition. Thanks to the information provided you will generate amazing business ideas.

All these advantages are completely available in our online platform, which is also used as a benchmark by other experts. You will be able to contact with other members, establish a conversation and share opinion through forums. Your opinion matters! Never forget it.

If you are an employer, freelancer or entrepreneur you will have the entire accessibility to our online marketing courses. These courses provide you valuable information that you can use to increase your sales, create a strong strategic and know the risks and benefit to carry out a project in the current market. Your percentage of success will achieve the 100%

Otherwise, if you are looking for a job and you want to improve your knowledge in the marketing field, contact us.

Be part of us, use our advantages and achieve the success.

What it takes to steer your business success | by Helen Cartwright |  Marketing And Growth Hacking
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Don´t waste time and opportunities, join us!

With us you will find your place, you will increase your contact list, you will listen to marketing expert or teacher online and feel heard because you will be able to share your opinion about the courses. Here, both parties have voice and every opinion is taking into account. 

Don’t forget to keep in touch with other members via our online platform, you can create a valuable contact list. 

Our courses and workshop offered have the best price. With our continuous training you will be able to identify the several risk and opportunities on the actual market. You also become in a more competitive company.

If you have valuable ideas on your hands and you want to share it with us, don´t wait, just do it! 

If you want to be part of us and work in one of our local office, contact us. We will explain you what you have to do to collaborate with us.

If you have doubts or questions, just click the button «Contact´´ complete the formulate and as soon as possible you will receive our answer.

Capital Smart City | contact us capital smart city
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You can attend advanced courses and specialized program about digital marketing. They will provide you strategic information to satisfy the needs of the actual market in the digital area. Our courses are made by marketing expert, who will improve your knowledge in this field in order to reach the success.

Some of the objectives of these courses are the following:

  • Creation of appropriate and attractive websites and blogs.
  • Search engine optimization positioning.
  • Gain customer loyalty.
  • Use of Google Adword and Google Alert.
  • Manage databases.


Currently, we work in research and we create reports about digital marketing. We support and assist research, development and innovation projects in marketing sector. We believe that one of our pilars is the innovation. 

Our research team has a huge level of qualification and cooperate with the most important universities and research institutes in Spain.

One of our commitment is to help our member to obtain funds for their R&D projects. We also connect the projects of our member to the institution which we collaborate. You can be one of the lucky ones!


You as a member will have access to confidential information and statics reports about the marketing sector. These reports are made by a research about the current digital market in the national and international area. 

Thanks to our reports you will be able to take decision about the strategy and management of your business effectively. 

Our reports provide you useful information to create a valuable planning in digital marketing. Moreover, you will have access to useful information about market trends, date of launch product, behaviour of the competition, etc. 

Thank to this information you will be able to manage your business and obtain profitable results.


We made a ceremony annually, where we award the most innovative marketing projects in distinct categories. 

We want to congratulate the members who have carried out the most innovative projects to encourage them to continue working and creating success.

These are the some of the most known awards from marketing sector in our country:

  • Digital business award
  • B2B award
  • E-commerce award
  • Searching award


We offer additional services to you in order to satisfy your needs and desires in the highest possible level. Some of the additional services are Mobile marketing, advertising and display, affiliate marketing and digital usability.

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In order to encourage marketing professionals to associate with EUDMA, we have presented an offer: enjoy the first 6 months for free, only if you become a member before February 28th. We keep alive our philosophy of becoming a benchmarking in marketing sector as well as for those whose principal support is marketing in a daily basis.


We always keep in mind our goal: becoming a benchmarking in online marketing sector. EUDMA is a place where you will have access to the last trends and learn how to use the newest marketing tools, in order to success in your business..


Users taking part in EUDMA now will enjoy 6 months for free (joining our association by February 28th) and will be able to check our courses and trainings. Those who decide to stay with us will have the opportunity of continuing trainings given by the best professionals in marketing sector.


From the first moment, users can value the advantages of becoming a member. Taking part in EUDMA means to have access to quality and up-to-date information about marketing sector, plus having the oportunity to success as a marketing expert thanks to our specialized courses and workshops.


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EUDMA association aims at making easier to access to the best marketing tools and the last trends in online marketing for all its members. For this reason, we organize courses and trainings so that our members can learn from the best professionals.

Eduardo Martínez Sánchez, CEO of Xternaliza Marketing Online Agency and editor-in-chief of Marketing4food magazine, is in charge of giving the next training «Steps towards a Digital Marketing Plan». This training will allow EUDMA members to know the utter process of laying out and developing an online marketing planning.
It targets those who want to learn from the last trends in marketing sector. The teacher, Eduardo, will reveal the essential secrets and tools in order to success in online sector.

Furthermore, it uses a student-oriented methodology so that everyone can learn easily and enjoy the training. During the training, the teaching staff will guide trainees through all process of a digital marketing planning so as to achieve the final goals.

This project brings to light the importance of being up-to-date, and EUDMA wants the same for its members. With initiatives like this, we present a profitable option and suitable for everyone, because digital sector has no secrets for anyone.

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Online marketing sector is changeable. Everyday, innovations come up and this gives rise to disruptive changes among us. For this reason, we should be aware of all marketing tools and trends that emerge so as to adapt to them as fast as we can and beat our competitors. In order to achieve this, it is better to be united rather than alone.


We have set up this association in order to create a well-organized meeting point so that both professionals and other users can benefit from the other´s work. This is a place where knowledge flows constantly and there is always a feedback. In addition, through our association you will get to know first-hand the current trends and tools in marketing sector.


EUDMA offers the best continuing trainings on the current market for its members. Thus, if you decide to become a part of our community, you will benefit from the best trainings given by the highest qualified experts in marketing sector, who will share all their knowledge and will guide you in the fascinating world of marketing.


Users wanting to join us will be aware of EUDMA´s advantages since the first time they glance at our website. Becoming a member means to get access to high-quality information so that they will be updated on marketing sector. Because the main goal of EUDMA is to create a community of experts and an international network of marketing agencies in order to boost international cooperation and carry out projects in Europe and in collaboration with up to 30 different sectors. Besides this, members will have the opportunity of having continuing and specialized trainings which will help them to upgrade as experts.

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The European Digital Marketing Association starts aiming at becoming a benchmark in digital marketing sector and for those who live on marketing.


Those who would like to take part in EUDMA will have the opportunity of getting access to a meeting point in which sharing and learning the most useful knowledge. It is a place where all members will find the answers to their questions, a platform where finding the highest quality trainings and making the most of your business´ possibilities.


We would like to create a community where members can find the most useful tools of digital marketing in order to lay out, develop and start a project. Likewise, all professionals taking part in our association will be updated with the last trends on the market and with the last news in online marketing sector.


EUDMA is a great initiative that will allow all professionals and other users to benefit from a online platform where get to know and to share the last trends in marketing sector, as well as enjoy  high-quality training programs.



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