Become a member before February 28th and enjoy 6 months for free in our association


In order to encourage marketing professionals to associate with EUDMA, we have presented an offer: enjoy the first 6 months for free, only if you become a member before February 28th. We keep alive our philosophy of becoming a benchmarking in marketing sector as well as for those whose principal support is marketing in a daily basis.


We always keep in mind our goal: becoming a benchmarking in online marketing sector. EUDMA is a place where you will have access to the last trends and learn how to use the newest marketing tools, in order to success in your business..


Users taking part in EUDMA now will enjoy 6 months for free (joining our association by February 28th) and will be able to check our courses and trainings. Those who decide to stay with us will have the opportunity of continuing trainings given by the best professionals in marketing sector.


From the first moment, users can value the advantages of becoming a member. Taking part in EUDMA means to have access to quality and up-to-date information about marketing sector, plus having the oportunity to success as a marketing expert thanks to our specialized courses and workshops.


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